Notes on Shipping From Our Fulfillment Centre

Our Distributors actions are guided by awareness, initiative and responsibility.  With the growing concern and presence of the Covid-19 in our community, they are actively taking the measures necessary to protect their clients and staff members. They have implemented enhanced sanitation techniques which include the following:All door handles inside and outside are disinfected on an ongoing basis.


All warehouse and office workstations are wiped daily with sanitation wipes. All computer keyboards and mouse are wiped daily. All staff is supplied and wearing single use powder free vinyl medical exam gloves. All transport and courier drivers are being asked to stay behind their security gate. Certain drivers have to legally see what is loaded on their vehicle and they can only enter upon wearing the single use vinyl medical exam gloves they provide.


They have locked their front door and are not allowing any client or member of the public to enter. All deliveries are accepted at the side pick-up door and remain behind a gated area.They will continue to monitor and shift their business practices with guidance from Toronto Public Healthand Peel Public Health an effort to create a safe environment for their staff members. All couriers have removed the signature service so parcels will all be delivered without a signature.